Of LotR and Laughter

12,942 Days Alive

8,151 Words Towards My December Goal

1 Part of the Trilogy Watched

We watched The Fellowship of the Ring tonight. It was nice but made me laugh because the Enya song in the closing credits totally made me more tired.

I used to exclusively listen to either Enya or panpipes/Celtic music to go to sleep. So, I’ve never actually made it through all three movies in one go. And it took four watchings to get through Return of the King and I still haven’t seen it from start to finish.

I’m not doing too great mentally. Tomorrow is Daddy’s death anniversary. I’m still upset by it. I’m still stuck on “it’s not fair”. I miss him.

I expect tomorrow to be a difficult day for me. I just hope I make it through the work day without crying.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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