Of Challenges and Change

12,990 Days Alive

3 Hours of Sleep

1 Big Change at Work

I’ve got some work changes coming up next week. I’ll be transferred to a new team and try to hit the ground running there. I’m hoping to improve my work number on the new team.

Mentally, I’m still manic. I took my hydroxyzine to get to sleep last night but only managed to get about three hours of sleep. So that was frustrating. I don’t know why I’m so stuck in fast forward.

I’ve got to get sleep tonight. I have to be at work by seven a.m. so that means actually getting out of bed at six a.m. Or earlier.

I restarted Little Bee’s blanket yet again. I kept wanting to do a granny square, but didn’t want to do just any simple granny square. So I started a triple interlocked ring square. I think I’ll make three more and make it a four square blanket. It’s only a baby blanket, but I want it to be pretty for her.

Image is of a crocheted granny square with three interlocking rings in light green surrounded by alternating stripes of darker and the same light green.

Money is tight right now but I don’t have to worry about groceries thanks to DW’s kindness. I really do think I should invest a little into making a spell Etsy store. Charms and sigils and the like. I’ll have to look more into how much Etsy takes from each purchase. Maybe I’ll ask J when I see her.

J, Meg, and I are getting together on Saturday to meet up for tea and holiday gift exchange! J is impossible to shop for, sometimes, but I got her a heartfelt gift that means a lot to me so I hope it is useful to her, too.

Meg’s gift has been in the works for months. Heh. I hope she likes it.

I’m behind in my personal correspondences. Linna sent me a lovey note the other day and I’ve yet to respond. Maybe this weekend I’ll get a chance.

I’m headed to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream.

Take your meds, folks.

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