Of Plans and Preparing

13,000 Days Alive

14 Writing Prompts for February

2 Nathan Lane Movies Watched

1 Egg Roll Eaten

Oh man was today a blast. Not only did I get all of my laundry done, I got to introduce my housemate Fen and their girlfriend Kimmy to an old nineties movie I loved called Surf Ninjas. The premise of the movie is just as goofy as one might think from the title.

But it was brilliant. And so much fun. And they both seemed to enjoy the campy humor.

After Surf Ninjas, we watched Mousehunt, with Nathan Lane; and then with dinner Fen and I watched The Birdcage. All in all, a great, comedy filled day.

I’m headed to Orlando this weekend to see Mal, Bubbles, Baby Bubbles, and Little Bee. It’s Mal’s birthday on the ninth so I’m going over to their side of the state to give them a night off XD and spend some time with Baby Bubbles and Little Bee. I’ve finished the blankets for both of them and am looking forward to seeing both my little niblings.

While we were watching movies today, my hands were anything but idle. I worked in earnest on Meg’s Jeweled Knot blanket.

Image is of six skeins of yarn in light teal, bright blue, black, grape, hot pink, and raspberry. They are resting on an open pattern book and there are scissors, a yarn needle, and multiple crochet hooks in the foreground.

I got two thirds the way through the second ring set of three for the centers knots of her blanket. I’m super excited for how this is working up.

Also on my plate for February is Flash Fiction February 2021! I’ll be posting flashes or short scenes/short stories every other day or so with a prompt at the top. So I can keep them organized, they’ll likely be separate blog entries.

Here’s the list of Prompts I think I’ll be using:

  1. His voice had never sounded so cold
  2. Was it simply luck that had her turn down that street?
  3. Everything about her was a lie
  4. It was the trip of a lifetime, yet
  5. There was nothing left of the money except
  6. The whole family had been cursed since
  7. She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken.
  8. Rose, imply, fireman, som
  9. Dramatic, rhythm, endanger, knife
  10. Knock, limit, entangle, circle
  11. Cherry, towel, prosperity, death
  12. Dine, edge, new, lemon
  13. Tall, consort, clocks, confiscate
  14. Innocent, dim, daily, destruction

I may change some up, but that’s the projected list. If I manage to write more, I’ll be happy.

Also, shocker, my laundry did not get put away today. I’m hoping to get some put up tomorrow after work.

Speaking of, I’ve got to head to bed. I’ve got work in the morning.

Take your meds, folks.

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