Of Shopping and Spanish

13,078 Days Alive

2 New Blazers Acquired

So J came over today and we went a-Goodwilling, as one is inclined to do when they need new clothes and only have about fifty bucks to spare.

We found two awesome black blazers for me, a bolero jacket (thanks, Reffie!), a half dozen good work blouses, and an awesome wall-mountable home altar that was likely supposed to be some sort of tchotchke display.

It has finally decided to start raining. I’m so glad. It’s been humid as hell all day.

I made Baby Alice a hat, and am still working on her blanket. Only a few days left to finish it. I’m hoping to have it done by Thursday, but we’ll see.

I’m still a ball of anxiety, but all will be well. I have faith. And hope. And a lot of people rooting for me. So. Hopefully tomorrow will be as my cards for told: a day of victory!

My poor coworker Nancy is down and out with Covid-19, the poor dear. I’m so worried for her and my other offshore coworker, Sylvester; they’re both on Miss B’s team with me, but they’re over in India and it’s pretty bad there right now.

Anyway, I’m exhausted after a long day. And Spock is acting a little squirrelly. Hiding in the dirty clothes I’ve sorted out. Just a little odd. Hopefully he’s not getting sick again or anything. Please, gods, don’t let him get ill.

Positive thoughts. Happy and all that. May tomorrow be amazing for you all!

And take your meds, folks!

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