Of Coffee Con Leche and Cat Naps

13,085 Days Alive

2 Accidental Cat Naps

1 Cafe Con Leche

I was drag-assing today. Got up at six to feed Spock and promptly went back to bed until I felt more human, around nine.

But even then, I was burnt out, literally, because of all the activity yesterday. Meeting up with Reffie didn’t come to pass, but I likely would have been poor company so maybe it’s for the best.

I cleaned half of my bathroom today, after Fen gifted me a lovely cafe con leche with an extra double shot of espresso in it. Caffeine is my only true addiction, I think. Like, legitimate addiction. At least these days.

I went through my makeup, got rid of old stuff and organized what I had. I have a lot of lipsticks. As in over thirty. Possibly over fifty? But I wear most of them, even with masks because I favor long-wear, smudge proof, matte liquid lipsticks.

I did my actual face cleansing bedtime routine for the first time since the divorce. Broke out the fancy cleaner I unearthed and my lavender scented facial lotion. It makes my skin feel nice.

I got help from one of Fen’s girlfriends, Kimmy, in detangling a terrible yarn knot. It took the entirety of “Singing in the Rain”, “Moana”, and half of “The Emperor’s New Groove” to get the damn thing untangled and wound up between the two of us. I really want to get a yarn winder. I’ve added it to my Amazon wish list, but I will likely buy it myself.

I still struggle with receiving gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love when people get me things, be it something I’ve wanted or something they thought I would like; but I don’t often feel worthy of such affection. Alas, yet another topic to discuss with my therapist.

Thankfully, the transition to the new job that I have been vaguely alluding to over the last two and a half weeks will not affect my mental health care. Since I pay out-of-pocket for Mx. Steph and arranged for a ninety day supply of my meds after I put in my two week notice, I should be fine. It will be expensive until my new insurance kicks in, but my metformin will still be free, which is the important one.

I’m going to go frog the Fiery Blanket that I started. I hate the pattern but love the yarn. And then maybe I’ll go to bed.

G’night folks. And take your meds!

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