Of Children and Cupcakes

14,061 Days Alive

100 Miles Driven

1 Happy to See Me Cat Called Spock

I am so damn tired. Little Bee’s birthday party went well.

But, I drove over a hundred miles today. And I helped with party prep. And went swimming in front of complete strangers. And had a mild panic attack. But I made it home and the snuggle face kitty boy was happy to see me.

I also crocheted five rows into Uncle and Aunt Gator’s living room throw today while I was trying to keep my anxiety under control.

Something happened that triggered me pretty badly, so I kind of mostly parked in a corner and crocheted most of the day.

I wish I had parents that I could turn to. I’m a little envious that my brother has parents that adore the shit out of him and that help him recover from past traumas. But it’s whatever. I don’t begrudge him joy and family.

I’m going to go cuddle the cat. Take your meds, folks.

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