Of Foresight and Forgetfulness

14,068 Days Alive

1 Day Without Headache

I had to hit two different stores to get all that I needed today, and even then I forgot some things.

I was supposed to go to Crafty Women today, the group I’m part of, but I way overslept this morning.

But at least I woke up sans headache! I hope it will be a while before I have a migraine like that again. From Tuesday to Friday I was in eye-gouging agony from lights and sudden sounds.

I took some pain reliever today, as my back was hurting, but that was more to head that off at the metaphorical pass than anything else.

I ran some errands today, with J, and managed to score some new shoes for work. Non-slip ones and walking shoes. Came in twelve bucks and change under my budget, too. Of course, then I had to drop sixty dollars on medication. Oy.

Played with the tarot cards some, as one does. Used the Wild Unknown deck that Reffie got me. J has it too, so it’s interesting to see her read on the deck as well. I asked how I can better focus towards my goals and actuality them, or something like that. The answer was basically to buckle down, use my support network, and put in the work to see results. I need to write more if I ever want to finish a damned story.

Mentally, I’m… I don’t know where I’m at. I’m slacking on keeping track of my habits. And I’ve barely written or crocheted so far this month. My depression isn’t crippling but it sure is not playing nice. I’m smiling at work and getting through the day without breaking down into tears, so that’s something. But as to how I am? I really can’t quantify it.

Anyway, my brain says it’s bed time. I’m gonna see Reffie tomorrow! Hooray!

Take your meds, folks.

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