Of Packing and Passage

13,278 Days Alive

Today was tough. Begging for money for insulin tough. Wanting a goddamned smoke and an adult beverage tough.

Just… exceedingly difficult.

So I colored my hair with Fen’s help. I went delightfully ginger. I hope work doesn’t make me change it back.

I packed for the weekend at Mal and Bubbles’ place. Remembered my meds, my makeup, my Kindle, and spare charger.

I don’t think I’ll bring crocheting. I’m not in a good headspace and I don’t want to tangle bad vibes into something important.

Anyway, it’s bed time and the brain gremlins are hellacious right now. Stuck in a negative feedback loop. I’m going to bed out of self-preservation.

Take your meds, folks.

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