Of Memos and Meals

13,361 Days Alive

1,866 Words So Far in Chapter Five of Crows at the Crossroads

1 Cup of Coffee Imbibed

I was on the struggle bus today. Couldn’t wake up to save my soul. And even after I got out of bed and got to work, I was weary.

So, I caved and had a cup of coffee. And a caffeine pill. Which, apparently, is the same amount of caffeine as another whole cup of coffee. But I got functional and able to focus. I caught up on memos! I still have oodles of other things to catch up on; various and sundry requests for records, requests for production of documents, settled cases, etc. But for the first time in maybe three mo the, I don’t feel like a professional failure.

Coffee made it so I wasn’t hungry come Lu ch time, so I didn’t really eat? I had a snack, a bag of cheez-it’s, and later a package of tuna. It’s really hard to eat lately. I just… don’t want to. It could be part of the passively-suicidal issues or something. I don’t know. But I ate, and hydrated. And took all my meds.

Oh! I did get writing done today! And went to Math class. I’m really feeling accomplished and should celebrate it with more than just getting a gorram earache.

Anyway, I’m up early tomorrow to try and wear contacts to work.

Take your meds, folks!

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