Of Lacking and Laundry

13,371 Days Alive

I had a rather long day today. Did dishes and laundry and fed the cat.

I was up at six this morning. Both due to a persistent cat and the hopes of going to Amanda’s funeral.

It was cancelled, or at least postponed. There will be no viewing. They say it’s not safe. I managed a video call with her husband, my friend and old coworker JT. And cried a lot.

I wasn’t alone today, though. J and Bill6 came down. Bless them.

Made chili in the Instant Pot today. Used my cast iron for the first time to make Mexi-ish street corn. Made it too spicy, but it was quite enjoyed.

I know I’m rambling more than usual.

I have such a hard time with death. I still struggled with Daddy’s death and it’s been… three years. I still want to text him when things happen. It still makes me sad to know he’s gone.

I’m going to go appease the Duolingo owl and go meditate at Reffie’s recommendation.

Take your meds, folks.

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