Of Snuggles and Sushi

13,379 Days Alive

So I spent the morning with J and Bill6, as I slept at their place last night, and I got an interesting tarot reading that left me hopeful for the future.

I should have taken a picture, as I don’t remember all the cards; but I remember the first card, the heart of the matter, was Temperance. J used The Wild Unknown Deck, which I also own thanks to Reffie.

Basically, it means that I need to temper the desire to rush headlong into future tasks with the lessons I’ve learned previously in my life. Or at least that is how I interpreted it.

J didn’t get any more painting done before I left, but they did repot my poor soggy cactus. Well, that sounds like a particularly naught euphemism, doesn’t it? Ha! It’s not though. I bought a colorful cactus for Cleo, because I was thinking of them while out with J rescuing plants from the clearance plant section of WalMart yesterday. J got a very root bound pothos and some Sweet William. I got Teo twenty-five cent miniature hyacinths on clearance.

In other news, I’m going to try to add ten thousand words to Midnight Calls this week. It’s a ten-k word week challenge in one of the writing Discords I’m in.

I saw Cleo today, as a not-Valentines Day treat. I’m not fond of the holiday as it celebrates a man’s senseless murder. Anyway, I gave her carnations that matched her purple and pink hair, a bar of chocolate she likes, and said cactus. Because why not?

We went out to lunch at their favorite sushi joint, Umami Sushi in St. Petersburg. A little expensive on a Sunday, but good food.

Anyway, I’m for bed. I hope everyone has an amazing day tomorrow.

Take your meds, folks.

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