Of Crowns and Chicken Nuggets

13,478 Days Alive

5th Day of Quarantine

1 Newly Replaced Temporary Crown

So. I went back to the dentist today to replace the crown that broke yesterday. They made a new one and installed it without cracking it.

I’m still temperature sensitive on that tooth, but I’m trying to be gentle with the temporary crown.

I’m still staying over at Cleo’s since Fen is still down for the count with Covid. Sleeping in the same bed as someone is still an interesting sensation.

I’m working on the star blanket for Chelé this evening. I’m almost done with it! I can’t wait to have it finished and to move on to my next crochet project.

I’m going to go relax and crochet while Cleo and I watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Mentally, I’m… okay? I miss my Spockers. I’m tired and sore. My jaw hurts from where they poked and prodded and glued the second temporary crown into place.

I’m going to crochet.

Take your meds, folks.

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