Of Puns and Plans

13,543 Days Alive

1,050 Days Straight on Duolingo

3 Trays of Oven Nachos Made

1 Finished Shawl

Plans went well today. The boys ran a little late, but that happens.

I’m tired. And in pain. We walked over a mile to the store and back today. It was further than I thought, but manageable.

We got everything we needed for the next few days worth of meals as well as everything for tonight while staying under budget.

I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m not excited about it as it’s more than an hour commute by train away.

No really, I’m hurting so bad. It feels like I just need someone to lay on me and press my bones back into my body. And that I need to do some of those yoga stretches Reffie taught me.

Anyway, I’ve got research to do for a book I am writing. Off to do that.

Take your meds, folks.

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