Of Searching and Soup

13,547 Days Alive

1 Awesome New Recipe in my Repertoire

I made Enchilada Pasta for dinner this evening. I had to scrounge through the pantry because I somehow lost a can of enchilada sauce?! Like, it’s gone-sies and I haven’t any clue where it could have gone!

Thanks to the internet, and my own whisking abilities, I pitch-hit it out of the park. It was fun, and easy, to make. Gotta write down all the tweaks I did to the recipe to make sure I get it the same next time.

I got pretty decently along in the new blanket I’m working on. Five rows or so yesterday, up to thirteen rows today! Check my Instagram post on my craft Insta: Hook_of_the_Witch for progress on it!

I’m so frustrated. My slightly-unbalanced high school ex-boyfriend is still commenting on my public posts. Despite being blocked??? Like, I don’t know how that happens. But it’s kind of jarring to realize he’s still trying to be a part of my life. Over a decade after the fact. And six years after calling me a whole host of awful things for going to dinner with him and then turning him down for further dates. Michael, if you’re reading this, find your goddamned absolution elsewhere ‘coz you won’t get it from me. I have acknowledged your apology and that’s the best you’re getting.

I’m going to take some more progress photos of my Northern Lights Blanket; it is so named from the variegated yarn that is planned to make up the bulk of its blanket-y goodness.

I’m not tired, but I’ve also taken caffeine pills today to try and beat back a migraine. So. I’m for bed after dishes and a little more crocheting.

Take your meds, folks.

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