Of Rows and Resignation

13,593 Days Alive

2 Sore Feet

I almost walked out of work due to an incident with a customer tonight. But, pride can crumble so long as I get paid.

It’s a sad state I’m in.

I’m trying to unwind from a hellish day. At least my morning was nice.

I’m still working on the Buffalo Plaid Blanket for Uncle Doug and Aunt Marie. I’m going to have to make it fairly large as Uncle Doug is quite tall. So maybe 19-21 repeats? I’m on repeat seven of an eight row pattern repeat.

That means each block of color is made up of eight rows. So of maybe 168 rows plus border, I’m on row fifty-eight. So about a third of the way done. I really hope they like it.

I also need to get the money together to make Aunt Marie a shawl! I want to buy some skeins of Big Twist Sparkle by JoAnnes in a nice cherry red.

Anyway, I was particularly frustrated with what happened at work so I called DW on my way home. I also got approached by someone asking if I wanted to by cocaine. When I was telling DW, he joke that “aren’t you more a Pepsi person?” Which, I’m not. I love Coke Zero. I just don’t do cocaine. No thanks.

I’m going to go crochet and do some more Duolingo.

Take your meds, folks.

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