Of Chills and Chili

13,611 Days Alive

Day 5 of 9 Straight at Work

1 Missed Bus

All I wanted today was a chili dog. Unfortunately, I can’t afford groceries till I get paid, so it’s leftovers and a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches right now.

I have meal shakes for work, at least. But if I don’t make dinner, it doesn’t get made. So. Tonight I just didn’t have the spoons to cook.

I spent most of the day with Ms Niola at work; she’s my boss’ aunt. We were hauling boxes around, still cleaning up from the broken pipe fiasco of yesterday.

I’m not doing too great mentally. I’ve been crying off and on for the better part of Teo hours. I don’t know why. It’s not my period/hormones, I don’t think. I’m just… very sad.

I’m also can’t afford food levels of broke. So c’mon Friday! Get here quick!

Mellon will be here Saturday morning. It’s supposed to be cold out, so we’re probably going to make taco soup or something. Which is basically chili? But not as spicy coz Mellon can’t take the same heat levels I can.

Anyway, I’m off to appease the Duolingo owl before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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