Of Stitches and Shadow Headaches

13,628 Days Alive

12 Glasses of Water

2.5 Hours Spent Chatting with Cousin Wixor

I tried to get rid of the shadow headache by drowning it in water today.

It sort of worked. I ended up caving and taking pain meds around five because it was still beating a tattoo inside my head.

I might wear my tinted glasses to work tomorrow instead of my standard ones just to keep my eyes covered.

I started a rewatch of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit today. The first episode was very much a product of its time. Seeing how much technology has changed in just two decades is astounding.

I’m finally working on the mosaic stitch of Mellon’s Mosaic Blanket. I’m about five rows into the pattern. I’m digging it so far.

My mental health ain’t the greatest right now, but I’m trying to Dory this shit and just keep going even when it feels hopeless. I’m doing my best and that’s all I can do.

I’m still working on Chapter Nine of Crows at the Crossroads. I’ve got 1,880 words written so far, aiming for about twice that by the end of the chapter.

I’m worried for J. They have a lot of stressful stuff going on right now. I’m worried this will set off a negative tailspin of self harm if things go poorly over the next few weeks. But all I can do is be there for them as best I can.

I’m going to appease the Duolingo owl and head to bed. I’ve got work in the morning.

Take your meds, folks.

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