Of Meowing and Mr. Bean

13,629 Days Alive

1,481 Days Straight on PostmarkWonderland

1,134 Days Straight on Duolingo

12 Days till NaNoWriMo Starts

I discovered something new this evening while having a movie night with Mellon: I can’t stand Mr. Bean.

At all. Like, spent half the movie with my shoulder hunched up to my ears in aggravation with all the stupid shit he did. I know it was a comedy and supposed to be funny, but I just… didn’t like it. At all.

I got another two rows done on Mellon’s blanket today. I’m slowly chugging along on it. I doubt it will be done by Christmas.

Today is Daddy’s birthday. In December, it’ll be four years he’s been gone. I still want to reach out to him on a regular basis. I miss him terribly. He’d have been, I believe, sixty two this year.

It’s not fair.

Anyway, today has been a lot of fake it till you make it. I tried to be peppy at work and managed not to break down crying. So. A win for me.

Spock is such a sweet boy. I walked away from him in the living room and he started crying out “hello??” in a meow. When I called his name, my sweet baby came running for loves. I can’t believe he’s twelve and a half.

I’m going to go to bed. Can’t guarantee I’ll sleep well, but I’m going to try.

Take your meds, folks.

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