Of Masks and Muscles

13,642 Days Alive

845 Words Written For NaNoWriMo So Far

I’ve got another headache. This one might be because I’m dehydrated though, so I’m sipping on water and trying to lie down to sleep.

Water is a good thing, but one I forgot to drink today while at work. Whoops.

Speaking of work! My boss-boss thinks I can’t haul around boxes because I’m “a girl”. He’s lucky I didn’t pick him up just to prove a point. But he’s old and Greek and old. Yes, that bears repeating. But at least he likes soccer and liked my grandpa’s Manchester United t-shirt the other day.

Still no word from the insurance company regarding the new claim for the stolen catalytic converter. Ugh. I’m so stressed about it.

I got my schedule for work and I’ll be able to both go see Mellon next weekend and go to the celebration of life, if I chose to.

I kind of feel like a bad daughter for missing my mother’s birthday but the thought of seeing her makes me dry heave from anxiety. So I’m keeping that boundary and not going.

I’m so tired. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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