Of Color and Ciders

13,644 Days Alive

2 Attempts at Coloring mMy Hair

1 Happy Crying Jag Because of a Gift Reffie Sent Me

So. I had a small alcoholic drink this evening.

I went out to a pub with my roommate Bianco. We got Shepard’s Pie (meh), and shared a plate of (also forgettable) curry fries. But the hard cider I had? Apple with raspberry and tart cherry with a kiss of wildflower honey. So good.

I got a package today! I was not expecting one. Reffie got me a copy of “Madly, Deeply: The diaries of Alan Rickman”. I’ve promised not to devour it all in one sitting.

So far, I’ve read part of the introduction. It really makes me want to write a memoir or something. I had that Idea a while back to write my experiences with love. Maybe I should revisit that?

I’m still way behind in NaNoWriMo, but that’s okay. I’ll have time to catch up on Sunday after I get my laundry done.

It took two tries for the color to take in my hair tonight. It’s never done that before. Oh well. I got it fixed and love my new haircut.

Anyway, it’s after eleven here. I’m going to chat with Mellon a bit and then head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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