Of Journeys and Jambalaya

13,646 Days Alive

13,287 Words Written for NaNoWriMo So Far

1.5 Pounds of Andouille Sausage Used for Dinner

Today was phenomenally productive.

I’m now exhausted.

I got up at a decent hour to feed Spock, went back to bed till about nine just to get some extra rest. Even with the time change I was still tired.

Had a bowl of multigrain Cheerios for breakfast, forgot to eat lunch. But at least I remembered my meds. and I read another of Alan Rickman’s diary entries. I’m trying hard not to just devour the book in a single sitting. As Reffie suggested, I’m trying to savor the glances I’m getting into the life of my first male crush and absolute favorite actor.

Then I cleaned. Maybe it was writing avoidance; but I sorted laundry, picked up my room, gathered the trash, and did the dishes. I swept my room, too, and put my bed back to rights.

I’m already all packed for the weekend holiday to Indiana to see Mellon this weekend. Two pairs of undies, a spare bra, two pairs of socks, a shirt, one of my pretty dresses for our Friday night dinner reservation, some makeup and toiletries, and a nightgown. All the cords and such I’ll need will be in my purse.

I’m so excited about getting to see Mellon again. And this time on his turf! He has work Friday, but may work from home so we could still spend time in the same space. And if not, I am fairly self-entertaining. Especially when I have my Kindle.

I broke ten thousand words today on my NaNovel. I’m just straight up turning an outline into paragraphs and expanding on thoughts and ideas for the Witchy Primer. I’ve tried a fiction and non-fiction piece this year. But, nearly a week in and I wasn’t gaining any traction with it. So I went Witchy.

I got to both game and watch some videos with Mellon this evening. I need a cooling mat for my laptop. It overheated and crashed the game (Diablo III) twice. Annoying but happens sometimes.

Apparently both Mellon and I have a fondness for Binging with Babish, a YouTube-based cooking show.

Anyway, it’s a hair under midnight and I need some rest.

Take your meds, folks.

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