Of Cookies and Construction

13,705 Days Alive

2nd Day at the New Job

1 Nap After Work

So I did my first solo runs today as a groceries to go person and I did rather well according to my trainer.

I also think I did okay, but man do I plan to run a tighter ship than my trainer. She’s friends with all of her subordinates, which is something that makes me uncomfortable? Like, I do think one can be a friendly, kind boss without being a gossip-mongering pushover. She’s a sweet lady, my trainer, but holy hell is she a talker. I love her though and am fascinated by her story.

It snowed and I managed to get home without freaking out. I even drove after dark to take Mellon and one of our roommates, Dragon, to the mart of Wal.

We got groceries, and some nail polish for Mellon to change out his colors. I picked up stuff for lunches at work next week.

We had salad for dinner with Parmesan cheese crisps as croutons. Highly recommend.

Mentally, I’m okay. A little down, and very tired; but I’ve kind of gotten the hang of getting up before five am, even if I hate it.

Well, Mellon and I need to go build the second desk.

Take your meds, folks.

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