Of Dishes and Dear Ones

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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day, everyone.

I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to today, but I got the important stuff done. Like hand making two and a half dozen various chocolate-covered peanuts for Mellon. I made salted, honey roasted, and few mixed ones swirled with peanut butter chips.

Mellon really liked them. And I did dishes for them as a gift. It wasn’t really my “turn” to do dishes, but they had overtaken the sink and Mellon wasn’t feeling well. So I knocked them out.

I need to do laundry tomorrow. After work, and driving Mellon’s car to and from work. I’m more than slightly apprehensive about doing so, but I have no other options lest I want to try and get a rental through insurance while my car is in the shop.

I didn’t get the story done that I wanted to write today. But I did get at least a hundred words out. More like almost four hundred, honestly. Maybe I can continue it tomorrow.

I might go into Chicago this weekend with Mellon. Not sure but hopefully. This week or next.

I’ve gotta be up at five, so I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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