Of Photos and Phyrexians

13,804 Days Alive

1,303 Days Straight on Duolingo

19 Booster Packs Cracked

1 Ice Cream Cone Enjoyed

I bloody slept all day. Like, woke up at nine thirty to eat breakfast, stayed up till maybe eleven am? And then passed back out till 4:30pm.

I guess I was tired? I mean, knowing Mellon was working from home meant I could rest well. After Mellon got off work, we went in search of food and adventure!

The Dari Fair, a local soft serve ice cream shop boasting almost 150 different flavors, was our first stop on our evening adventures today. Mellon got a cone of Blue Moon, a fruity vanilla flavor. I got a yellow cake cone. So good.

Then we went to the local M:TG shop, Fantasy Games, and Mellon bought the prerelease of March of the Machines, the newest Magic drop. We both cracked some awesome cards, including Elesh Norn! I was so happy for Mellon as it is a card they’ve been wanting.

We went to Tradewinds for dinner. It’s a local family restaurant and was super old school. I ordered a pot pie and it was… well, disgusting. Mostly peas and potatoes, and some odd-flavored goop. Mellon sent it back for me, because I felt awful. I ended up getting something else, a mushroom and Swiss cheese burger with a side of fries and delicious house made honey mustard.

Then, we went across the road to Rival Games, another local card shop for more booster packs. We got some awesome cards from that set, too.

We went home, I cleaned out Mellon’s car of all his fast food trash so we can take his car to the train station tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be an even bigger adventure! We’re going to Chicago! I am so excited. We’re going to the Shedd Aquarium and The Color Factory. And we got a hotel room in the Loop to stay overnight. Then, Sunday, it’s Navy Pier and going home.

Well, I’ve got to be up early, so I’m going to bed soon.

Take your meds, folks.

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