Insomnia Interlude 8

12,343 Days alive 

22 Hours Awake

I need help.

I’m struggling to sleep, struggling to stay awake; struggling to function. I know it’s a mania upswing. I know it is.

The doctor I had isn’t available. 

I need to find a new doctor. Or revisit the one I dislike. I am still waiting to hear back from Dr. Ray’s office on whether or not I got an appointment for the 22nd as requested.

I know I need to just keep going.

I will.

I’m just…fighting for it now.

I’m trying so hard to be positive. It’s a new damn year. Great things are happening already!

I’ve finished two projects. Started new challenges. The new place, the keys are just a literal day away. 

Patience. I need patience and fortitude. Hope, I guess, though hope always tastes like delusions when I speak of it. 

Ugh. I need sleep. 

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