Planning, Plotting, Passive Aggressive Pouting, and Pie Night

12,342 Days Alive

0 Pounds Lost or Gained

2 Days Till Keys

So! We let Stephanie’s Nan know what day we were moving out this evening. As we are wont to do on a Wednesday, we hit up the local Village Inn for dinner. Free pie, ya know; even if we hardly ever get the pie.

She took it far better than expected. I fully expected another 45 minute lecture on my slutty lesbian ways besmirching the good humor of her granddaughter, of how I’m a curse on her family. How Stephanie has changed so greatly since she’s been with me.

But nope. Just a double ton of passive aggressive “oh, I’m happy for you, but you’re going to fail” attitude. David knew about thirty seconds after he got home. He congratulated my Darling Wife and completely ignored me. I’ll take it.

Two days till we get the keys! I am so very excited.

In other news, I started another scrap shawl today. This one is a mix of jewel tones and black. It’s a motif-bottomed shawl. This particular design will be called The Butterfly Queen Shawl.

I started with scrap yarn.

Knee I wanted to feature the interlocking rings as the motif.

And then sketched it out.

As always, a cat assisted me…

Peanut the Beautiful. ❤️

Well, I’ll be posting the pattern on Ravelry, likely for sale, when it’s done.

I need sleep. I’ve a massive tension headache at the base of my skull.

G’night fellow meat popsicles. Take your meds.

One thought on “Planning, Plotting, Passive Aggressive Pouting, and Pie Night

  1. I’m so happy for you and your Darling Wife! Sorry to hear that the news was less than we’ll received. I, for one, am tickled that you’ll have your truly own space. I wish you both all the love, peace, and harmony in the world as you bark on this new chapter of your lives! Ilu!


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