1 Jan, 2019: Bed, Glorious Bed (And Cats!)

12,341 Days Alive

5,383 Books to Read

6 Current Yarny Projects Still Pending Completion from 2018!

2 Books Being Read

2 Very Happy Kitties

1 AWOL Yule Gift

Ringing in the Gregorian New Year with my Darling Wife and my in-laws was fun! I fully admit I spent most of the evening chatting or crocheting! Steph spent most of the evening loving on Cousin Ashley’s daughter Mini, so her poor arms are sore.

Poor babe Mini had an upset stomach. But still loved playing with the photo app of FB Messenger.

Or… just chewing on her mother’s phone. It’s whatever. That’s what immune systems are for, yes?

So! The Staggered Filet Triangle Wrap is Done!

The shawl begins! Thanks for the help, Spockers.
Natural light does it far better justice.
Crocheting away the last hours/minutes of 2018!
Finished! And MASSIVE. I’ll have to get the measurements for the pattern.

All those pretty autumnal colors!

I also finished the Pride Wrap! It is rubbed on one side, solid on the other. Another pattern of my own making, but not one I would likely make again.

The indoor lighting, again, does not do it justice. But it is a lovely weight and very soft. And, as most everything I have make is, machine washable!

Spock and Peanut were happy to have us home.

They’re such sweet boys. ❤️

Well, I am absolutely knackered, folks. I need sleep and plenty of it. Just gotta jump back on the Duolingo boat and I can go to bed.

2019! We’ve got this! It won’t be easy, but we can do it!

G’night. Happy Gregorian New Year. Take your damn meds. And thanks for being here.

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