Change on the Wind

12,343 Days Alive

22 Boxes of Yarn Packed

14 Hours Till Keys Are Obtained

2 Boxes of Spices Packed

1 New Project Started

1 Project Restarted

Trying something new here, so bear with me.

Question of the day: what is one thing you consider an absolute moving necessity?

We’re a little over twelve hours from getting the keys to the new place. I’m so excited.

We will start the move in properly on Saturday after our car appointments. And then it’s a flurry of activity and moving crap around for the next week straight.

It’s not as stressful as it could be. God bless Stephanie for being so fantastic. She’s supportive with all the chaos and change as of late. I really adore her.

I’m missing Daddy more than a bit today. We got notice his cremated remains will be ready for pickup tomorrow. I’m sure it is far more difficult for Tink than it is me.

I’ve actually scored a proper physician’s appointment for later this month. It is overdue, but I’m doing what I can as I can.

Next step is a therapist and maybe going back to the psych doctor I’m not fond of.

The cats seem to know something is up. Maybe it has something to do with Mount Boxes of Yarn in the middle of the room. Heh. They’ll adapt pretty quickly to having run of a full place, though. I already know Spock is going to love it.

In crochet news, I’m still working on the Butterfly Queen Shawl. Not much more than a few rings at this point.

It’ll grow quickly once things get settled.

As for moving, honestly, paper towels or toilet paper would have to be my “essential moving item” of choice. And some hand soap! What’s yours?

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