Mixed Message From the Universe

12,344 Days Alive

5,568 Books To Read

10 Chicken Nuggets Eaten

2 Hour Lunch Break Accidentally Taken

Question of the Day: How do you best express your frustration when things go wrong?

Oh boy. Okay. So, today has been a very mixed bag of good and bad.

My up and down day.

I did manage both a Boost shake and a cup of tea for breakfast. I spoke with my boss, who was super sweet about my taking a long lunch to go pick up the keys to the new place.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to eat lunch before I left work to get the apartment keys. Which, I realized halfway to the new place. I rationalized I could stop on the way back into work and just drop for another half hour or so.

I was able to get the apartment keys! Paperwork was quickly accomplished and squared away.

And then! The keys didn’t work and the property manager and I had to call them to fix the issue. In a quirk of luck, the maintenance man is literally my upstairs neighbor! So it was quickly fixed.

But… then I did the initial walk through of the apartment with Tony. Oh boy; there is a lot of cosmetic things to fix and that will need ample documentation. And the master bedroom floor is uneven. And the tile they just put in the master bath? TERRIBLE job. I will provide photos.

However! Property manager Tony is a super nice dude and promised all issues will be addressed. He also lives on site.

I debated stopping at McDonalds on that side of town before going back to work. But I didn’t. Ye old carrot and stick idea. I just wanted to get back to work.

My damn car died. Just stopped accelerating entirely, then shut off on highway just off the on-ramp on my way back into work. I was able to pull off safely onto the shoulder, barely. I couldn’t even get the car to turn back over after I got it to stop.

I did the logical thing! Called for help. Sad trombone noise, friends: for some reason, my car insurance covers my wife for roadside assistance but not me.

So, then I let friends know what was going on. J the ever amazing offered to come get me. I caught her just as she clocked out for lunch.

Tried to use AAA but am I nable to use AAA without Steph there since I’m not on the account. My father in law is apparently adding me to his AAA so it doesn’t happen again.

And of course, A/C wasn’t working after the car died. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit in my car in five minutes. At least the hazards worked and I didn’t get a ticket or something.

Got rescued by my J! And then dashed through a Burger King for 10 nuggets for a dollar. Note to self: get a small soda next time. And pray I don’t anxiety vomit again.

Oh, and I completely forgot umbrella at home again. Hella lotta rain for most of the afternoon.

Car was already scheduled for service tomorrow morning, so we got it towed to the shop. If it’s not fixable within about $1,500, I’m going to need a new car. Steph was awesome about it, though a bit ready for the day to be over when all was said and done.

But! I have my new apartment keys! So it’s not all bad. Tomorrow will be better.

How was your Friday, friends?

One thought on “Mixed Message From the Universe

  1. Can totally relate to car dieing. Day after Hurricane Charlie. Haven’t driven since. You know this. I can tell you from experience that you and Steph don’t want to move into a place with the promise of things to be fixed. No matter how nice the super is. And YES….document EVERYTHING before you move in and have the landlord sign off in a plan of HIM paying for said repairs BEFORE you move in. Keep us posted. And Mazel Tov on your new place. May it bring you both only joy and shalom bais!


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