Birthday, Burgers, and Bad Brownies

12,279 Days Alive

3 Weird Burgers

1 Bite of Really Bad Brownie

Today was Pookie and AJ’s respective birthdays! AJ has his own birthday plans, so I’ve not seen him. But we hung out with Tandy and Pookie and a few others (J and Bill6 among them!) for a nice game day! Tiny Tandy was there, too!

I’m fucking toasted, though. I’ve been one giant ball of barely functioning exhaustion all day. My pain levels are much higher than usual and it seems to be burning through was little energy reserves I have.

But I still find it so hard to say that I’m struggling? Like, it took two caffeine pills to get out of bed today, another to stay functional after breakfast. Even then, staying upright was a fucking Everest level struggle today.

But it was fun, and we got to introduce Tink to the board game collective.

I also tapped out over a grand of short story today. But it’s really rough so I’m not posting more than the specs right now. Same as with yesterday’s. I don’t know if mystery is my proper genre? Dunno.

Maybe I’m too critical of myself.

And maybe tomorrow will be better.

We got Daddy’s cause of death yesterday. It was officially a heart attack. There are still so many questions we’re left with, even with the “official” cause of death. So many questions.

I need a damn drink. I’m going to go crochet.

Take your meds, folks. And reach out if you’re having trouble.

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