12,214 Days Alive

6,750 Books to Read

22 Guests

3.5 Hours of Sleep

1 Blanket Restarted

Oh man. Today has been long.

I didn’t get to sleep until after four a.m. and the alarms went off at six. My Darling Wife was kind enough to let me catch another forty five minutes before she roused me out of bed.

More last minute cleaning before the party was set to kick off at nine am…

And then about three hours of waiting and nothing quite happening but more cleaning and final food prep.

And cats.

Gotta love the cats.

People showed up after noon, but I’m so glad people came in stages.

It was an exhausting, amazing blast and I’m so glad that our home is apparently a place of welcoming and great personality.

I’m so glad we got to have fun today; played board games and got our asses kicked by my cousins Laurel and Lia in the game Smart Ass.

It’s late. I’m going to go watch Forensic Files and relax a bit.

Take your meds, folks.

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