Fairly Rainy Friday

12,248 Days Alive

7,346 Books to Read

40 Centers Finished

2 Finished Squares

I’m tired as hell again today. Fell asleep on lunch at my desk. Coworker Belle was sweet as pie and shut off the light for me.

I really do have so much love for my job.

This weekend is difficult for me. I broke down at work because I always, always reach out to Daddy on Easter Weekend. And I almost reflexively texted him. And then I realized he won’t answer. Couldn’t. Can’t. Because he’s dead.

And now I’m crying again.

I thought I was doing okay. Nope.

Hey look, a subject change! I got all forty center squares done on Kola’s Blanket. Not all forty squares, unfortunately. Just the first round of color on them. And now I have two finished squares! Only thirty eight to go! And then to join and border them. So… a lot more work to go. But it’s a labor I am glad to do.

I need more sleep. I’m going to bed early. And apparently having breakfast with my cousin Kay! Hooray!!

G’night folks. Take your meds. Tell your family you love them. And for gods sake, hydrate!

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