Silly, Sunny Saturday

12,249 Days Alive

20 Sketches to Do

1 Coloring Page Finished and Another Started

Today has been a great day. I broke fast with Cousin Kay this morning. And since I was anxiety prompted to be an hour early so I wasn’t late, I finished the outline on a short story I had planned to start this evening. That didn’t quite work out as planned.

The outline is a possible jumping off point for a complete rewrite of the Harry Potter series where Snape is the one who introduces Harry to the Wizarding World. It’s intended to be a short story. Let’s hope it stays that way. It’s mostly being written for Lex’s amusement and my own.

My sugar monitor has finally been located and my post-dinner levels were stupid high. I need to get better about it. I need to be checking my sugars at least five times a day. So that may be a thing I start adding into the blog. What with me being diabetic, maybe accountability will be a good thing for me.

After breakfast, we went to the birthday party of Themis and Gamer’s tiny human, Paris. She got her octo/squid hat as a gift from my Darling Wife and loved it! Bill6 and J came too! I got soaked with some of the dye tinted squirt guns and will be making a pillow for Paris from the shirt she was wearing. I had everyone from the party sign it for her, too.

I finished Casket Cachet whilst there, but haven’t written the review as of yet. A batch of reviews should be coming this week.

After that, and some cake I couldn’t have because strawberry filling was involved, we went home. I took the hottest shower I could stand. It felt like the chill had seeped into my bones I was so cold. Once I got all the dye off and let myself steam like broccoli for a few minutes, I felt far more human.

We chilled at home for a little while; I colored in a Steampunk themed coloring book while Steph and Tink chatted.

Once my mother in law arrived, we went out to the local Sweet Tomatoes. It seems like some of us picked up some mild food poisoning as an Easter present. Not fun.

I’ve been sad all day. Even going out and buying some more silk flowers for a new arrangement didn’t cheer me up, even though they were laffy-daffydills and ranunculus in a lovely fuchsia.

I should go to bed. Dolly should be here tomorrow morning and I really want to be up and working by the time she gets here.

Take your meds, folks. And happy Easter, Passover, and day ending in “y” as relevant to you.

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