Terrifically Caffeinated Terribly Tired This Tuesday

12,352 Days Alive

7,361 Books to Read

23 Days Streak on Duolingo

8 Cups of Coffee

7 Analog Books to Read

6 Hours with Contacts In

1 Tired Me

I am so worried about the endless fatigue lately. I had eight cups of coffee today and still nearly fell asleep standing up.

I did find a new pair of shoes, a super cute blazer, and a nice new vest today with J at the thrift shop. And I looked fairly nice today, too.

I’m up to six completed squares for Kola’s Blanket. Only thirty four more to go!

I would have done more tonight, but my scissors took to wandering and I’m still looking for them.

I’m getting ready to kick off reading and research for my Primer Project and that will be interesting! It adds a lot more books to my plate, so I might table it and just focus on organizing the outline, expanding ideas, and identifying research points first. I also want to really address magic and mental health as a major point in it.

I’m still struggling with the grief of losing Daddy. It’s a lot more caught in the undertow far more frequently than I thought. I may have to see a grief counselor about it because it keeps overwhelming me.

I have a doctor appointment a week from today to follow up with Dr. Ray. Maybe I can get her to stop under prescribing my medication for my diabetes now that I’m able to be my own advocate better with the medication adjustment.

A note to all my friends, digital and analog, thank you for sticking with me while I was in my darkness. It’s gotten better. It may get worse again, as that’s life. But hopefully I can weather it better next time.

I need sleep.

Hydrate, Friends. Take your meds. Ask for help. I’m here if you need me.

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