Testing Me Tuesday

12,359 Days Alive

7,531 Books to Read

I must be getting ready to get run over by my menstrual cycle, coz I feel like crap and would willingly kidney punch someone for some goddamned Andy’s hot fry chips or Cheetos.

On the super plus side, I still have a job for now!

Double the awesome: I’m going to see three things in the next few weeks!

Tomorrow, my date friend Orla and I are going to catch an evening showing of The Curse of La Llorona! It looks like a Conjuring-verse attempt at a Woman in White. Which reminds me that I want to start a Supernatural rewatch.

Then, on Friday, I’m going to see Cabaret with Reffie! I’m SO EXCITED. Two movies in one week!

And then on the 12th, DW and I are going to Straz, fuck yeah, to see Anastasia LIVE. Quite accidentally, May is all about culture, I guess.

Brain is fried from the doctor appointment this morning and fighting with her to get my meds. It was exhausting but I did go to work after. Only one little panic attack.

I’m going to go do a word search and cuddle the birthday kitty boy. Spock turns nine tomorrow!!

Take your meds, folks.

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