Tuesday with a Side of Migraine

12,401 Days Alive

8,071 Ebooks to Read

6 Hits on my newest Fantastic Beasts fanfic

3 Cards Pulled

1 Migraine

Today was not a great day. Woke up with a headache that quickly turned into a left eye haloed migraine. I was at work.

I was allowed to leave once I was safe to drive.

Other than that, I pulled three cards before the start of my shift for Tarot Tuesday. I’m not sure how they relate to me, if they do at all, actually.

I used the Aurora deck by Bicycle for a bit of simple cartomancy. Cartomancy is using playing cards as tarot cards. I use a deck of 53 because I include one joker when I do this.

Four of Spades: foundation, stability.

This card can mean that business troubles or jealousy for your stability are soon to come to you.

It can also indicate illness. Maybe it meant my migraine?

Jack of Spades: Risk and Messages

Look for a message from a young, dark haired male, of which this card is a signifier. Alternatively, be wary of a kind but immature friend. I have no clue what this one means.

King of Diamonds: Leadership and Good Advice

Look to your peers for the answer you seek. When used as a signifier card, this means a fair haired man. Again, no clue how his could relate to me.

But as I was pulling for others, perhaps it has no meaning for me. Or maybe it’s a meaning I just don’t see yet. I do start a new job on Monday, so time will tell.

I’m still anxious as hell about just about everything. Passport, job, Money, meds. I know it’ll get better.

Oh! I got NOS4A2 the book on sale for half off today on Kindle! I’m super excited. I may put it off until I get a few more titles on my list down, or wait till next year? Maybe I’ll read it after I get through the 200. Not sure.

I’m going to bed now. If you’re into fanfic, you should read my newest one. I’m quite proud of it.

Take your meds, folks. And hydrate.

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