Chelé and Chocolate

12,518 Days Alive

1.25 Miles Walked Today

1 Awesome, If Exhausting, Day

I hung out with Chelé today. It was a delightful romp through a land of crafts and shiny things. I even found ruby chocolate for my Darling Wife!

Physically, I was so tired after our outing that I passed out while crocheting. I’m working on a shawl for an old schoolmate, circa high school, named Liz. I’m in a fair bit of pain, but I think that’s just from overdoing it.

I had fun. I’m not forgetting that part. And I got a new tiny owl! And a harmonica. And I bought myself a pack of Bristol paper to be able to do Art.

Mentally, I’m really struggling.

I’m great at being goofy and smiling, even when I feel like running into oncoming traffic. It’s so hard to keep going sometimes. It really is.

I’m going to go lie down again. Maybe ask the wife for some cuddles.

Take your meds, folks.

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