Not So Relaxing Day Off

12,750 Days Alive

$274 Spent on an Emergency Vet Visit

1 Sick Spock Kitty

My cat Spock is still unwell. I’m taking half a day off tomorrow from work to take him to the regular veterinarian.

We went to the emergency veterinarian and they wanted almost a thousand dollars to do an ultrasound on him and some routine blood panel. As I can’t afford that, I’ll be taking him to his regular veterinarian tomorrow to see if they can do it a little more in my price range.

For those who don’t know him, Spock is a ten year old, 17 pound Bombay baby. I’ve had him ten years today. He’s the light of my life and I hope nothing terrible is wrong with him. Maybe it’s just a bout of constipation? He’s been super lethargic today, and was barely even interested in wet food.

Needless to say, today was stressful. I didn’t sleep well (again). Junior made the joke, when we saw him and Gracie and their dog Finn in passing while being gifted a cream cheese icing bedecked spice cake, that he wouldn’t be surprised if I was low key some sort of immortal. Furthermore, he wouldn’t be shocked if I didn’t get a good night’s sleep in the last two centuries. It was hilarious in context, I promise.

Steph remarked that I enjoy being a cryptid like that to people. I argued that I enjoyed being an imaginary friend to some, because I am outlandish and my truths can be stranger than any fiction at times. She argued in return that both an imaginary friend and a cryptid were beings that may or may not exist. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I could have shot back with a joke about thinking and therefore being. Oh well. It was still funny.

I’m really worried about Spock. I hope the vet has an early appointment open tomorrow. I’m going to call them as soon as they open at eight. As they’re only about fifteen minutes away, I’m hoping to get seen first thing in the morning, find out what’s wrong and how to fix it, and get into work before noon.

Mentally, I’m okay. Which is impressive considering I don’t remember if I took my morning medication or not. I think I did? Or did I just think about taking it really vividly? Well, I know I took my evening meds.

I’m only passively suicidal right now. It’s not something I’m actively grappling with, not like some leviathan is drowning me underwater a-la Nemo and his beleaguered adventures. It’s more like a radio playing in another room.

When not stressing about Spock or watching episodes of Portals to Hell with Steph, I worked more on Cousin Kay’s blanket. It’s not coming along a quickly as I’d like, but it’ll get there.

In other news, despite having nachos as my only meal for the day, with potatoes and a burrito, my sugar was only 114 this evening. I’m still going to take ten units of insulin just to be safe.

I am going to appease the Duolingo owl and then head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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