Clumsy Thursday

12,784 Days Alive

I fell up the stairs at work today. Didn’t hurt myself but felt like an idiot.

Today went well at work. But man am I looking forward to the weekend. Not that I have plans, but I want to get some writing done and work on the CPTSD workbook.

Next weekend is my birthday. I…. am unsure about how I feel about it. I am looking forward to the small party, but am also… I don’t know. Sad? Melancholy? I don’t have the words for it.

I miss Linna something awful. Hugs and laughing together.

And Reffie, too. I miss writing days and tea trays and John Hannah flicks.

Stupid COVID.

I’m out of sorts. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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