Of a Prius and Pizza

12,852 Days Alive

2 Episodes of MST3K

Well, tonight was a take out and chill in kind of night.

Fen and I had dinner and chilled. Right now we’re watching The Land that Time Forgot. I’ve not seen the movie before, but I did read the book as a child, so it’s still familiar.

There’s a meetup with some of the Gator side of the family tomorrow morning. I’m quite excited.

I’m also tired. Not exhausted, but tired. So that’s a nice change.

I started a new project today; cross stitching something small for Linna!

Image is of Spock the cat sleep in front of an embroidery hoop that is going to read “I can’t adult today”.

I’ve gotten fairly far already. Another day or two and I should have it done.

I also worked more on Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket!

Image is of a blue and white crocheted blanket in a round chevron pattern.

In other big news, I bought a new to me car yesterday. Financed through my credit union, but the payments are affordable and that’s what matters. It’s a silver 2010 Prius four. I’ve named her Pris Elektra-Galatea. Peggy for short. Heh.

Anyway, it’s after eleven. I should go to bed soon.

Don’t forget to take your meds, folks.

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