Of Catnip Mice and Chicken Curry

12,859 Days Alive

19 Years Since 2001’s Terrorist Attack

Fen made an amazing madras curry this evening for dinner. It was delicious! We had ninety second rice and mixed veg with naan. It was really good.

Briefly mentioning the 9/11 thing because it seems odd not to as it’s been all over my social media today. I was in high school when it happened. We watched the towers fall on television. It changed so much and we lost so many that day and in the wake of it. It makes what is happening now all the more confusing that people aren’t rallying again towards a common goal. I just don’t understand my fellow humans sometimes. I genuinely don’t.

In other news, I get to be slightly social this weekend. Tomorrow is the Vampire Tea with Michelle. I’m excited but nervous about going out. I’m going to mask up, of course, but I’m hoping that it is socially distanced. It will be nice to see Michelle again. I don’t think I’ve seen her socially since the Tea House when Steph and I got married. So almost three years ago.

Oh! On a random note! One of Fen’s student gifted Spock a catnip mousie. It squeaks and everything! He loves it.

I worked more on Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket this evening. I’ve got three main blankets I’m working on currently. Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket, Evelyn’s not so baby blanket, and Phoebe’s baby blanket. Baby Potato and Little Bee, respectively.

I got a call back from my brother Mal this evening. Just checking in with each other, catching up a bit. I hope to go out to see them soon. Maybe after I finish the blankets? Not sure.

Work was good today. Miss A was back in the office with me today. It was nice to have another person, even if we’re across the room from each other. I need to get faster at some things, but I believe that I will get there.

I’m tired, so I’m headed to bed.

Don’t forget to take your meds, folks.

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