Of Tears and TNG

12,961 Days Alive

3 Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation

2 Chalupas

1 Crying Breakdown at Work

Today was difficult. My body is in rebellion, my poor team leader is out sick still, and the stupid bloody scanner had me in tears from frustration.

Thank Gods for Fen. They picked up tacos on their way home and we stood in the kitchen eating and venting about or respective craptastic days.

But everything is better with a bit of John De Lancie, so it was a Star Trek: TNG night at our place.

I have to go in early tomorrow so getting sleep is a must. I’m already exhausted because Spock felt like waking me up at half past five in the morning. Brat cat.

Anyway, mentally I’m hella unstable and sad. I miss my family. I miss hugging my friends. I miss a lot of things because of COVID-19.

But it’ll get better, I have hope. The orange fuckwhistle is nearly out of office. The dumpster fire year is almost over. 2021 will be better. In the words of Jean-Luc Picard, we’ll make it so!

Take your meds, folks.

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