Of Tenacity and Tarot

12,985 Days Alive

779 Words Written Today

Spent the day with darling Reffie today. Even got some writing done.

It’s late and I’m tired and angry at an internet asshole; but a quick recap of my otherwise lovely day:

Slept in until seven, when Spock woke me up to feed him.

Got up, took meds, had a cup of coffee. It could become a baaad habit.

Went to Reffie’s and hung out on the Crafty Women Zoom meeting for four hours while munching a charcuterie board Reffie made of sausage, ham, apples, grapes, and Triscuits.

Wrote over several hours until it got dark enough to need lights on.

Ordered curry delivery. I got chicken tikka masala and she got an awesome spicy goat rice and some butter chicken.

Came home, got into an argument with someone online about Spock. Nearly cried I was so angry.

Calmed down a bit, did a reading for someone, a tarot reading, over the internet.

And now I’m going to go to bed. Or at least try to. There’s someone outside blasting music in the next parking lot over and it’s just awful.

Take your meds, folks.

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