Of Celebration and Cola

13,013 Days Alive

5 Rolls of Sushi Eaten

2.5 Diet Cokes Consumed

1 Awesome Day

Spock had me up at four a.m. again today. He was hungry which is a good thing. He’s still constipated, but he’s in good spirits and still eating and drinking as he should.

Meg and J came over today for a combo Galentine’s and celebration of Meg’s birthday a few days early. I over did it walking around, though, after we had lunch. My hips are screaming. Got a lot accomplished today, though.

We did tarot readings before and after lunch. J used their Everyday Tarot and The Wild Unknown Tarot. I got a fairly positive reading that basically told me to get out of my own way and get on a path to writing. So that’s what I’ll be working towards tomorrow, writing if not putting in some applications at local colleges.

Anyway, it’s nearly eleven and I still have to appease the Duolingo owl. I’ve switched back to studying Spanish even though it’s nowhere bear as fun as Esperanto for me. It’s a more useful language, I think. And if I can learn Spanish, I can take a language course or two when I go back to college to get my AA and it will be a bit easier as I study.

I do want to go back to college. I do want to earn my degree. I just don’t know where to start. I’m so close to my AA, I just can’t afford to finish it put of pocket right now.

Reffie’s birthday was this past week. For the both of us, I reserved tickets for the 21st of March for the Van Gogh Experience at the local Salvador Dalí museum. I’m so excited I could scream. I know I’m gonna cry seeing them in person. Ugh. So going to cry. And I get to go with one of my favorite fellow humans!

It’s nearly eleven and we just got done watching the movie Titan A.E. It’s one of my favorite Don Bluth films. I’m going to head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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