Of Shopping and Synonyms

13,028 Days Alive

1,842 Steps Walked Today

2 Packs of Mushrooms Bought for Under $3.00

1 Final Chimichanga Eaten

So. The synonym of the day is “lifestyle change” rather than dieting. Because dieting has very negative connections in my mind and I take it to extreme and dangerous lengths. So instead, I’m making a lifestyle change.

In the short term, I’ll save money by not being able to eat fast food. So no more Taco Bell runs, if I can help it. Tracking my food intake realistically and safely, using an app that helps me out. It also means a lot more cooking. Which I am okay with, so long as I can actually get the spoons together to do it. I’m going to premake what I can for the week tomorrow to help set me up for success.

So Jæ wand Gwen came over today to help me with brain gremlins and help me be safe. And we went to Sanwa, which is a local restaurant supply/farmer’s market open to the public. Great place. I got a dozen fresh jalapeños for mad cheap, two massive containers of mushrooms for under three bucks total, fresh dill, some strawberries for Fen, and cucumber for keto cucumber sandwiches.

After that, we went to MD Oriental Supermarket and I got one of my favorite treats: a Ramune soda. Only 80 calories but holy moly do they have a lot of sugar. So it was a farewell to carbs today.

We had Taco Bus for lunch; I got a spicy chicken chimichanga for myself. It was delicious.

I crashed hard after Jæ wand Gwen left though. Like, fell asleep crocheting in the recliner hard. Slept about an hour, woke up, and had dinner of peanut butter and jelly with Fen. They’re really awesome.

Anyway, I need more sleep. I’m headed to bed to snuggle with my taco-shaped pillow and giant stuffed Peep.

Take your meds, folks.

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