Of Books and Bluster

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Today has been a long day. I woke up, out of habit, at six a.m., as if to feed the dear Mister Spock. But I was able to go back to sleep for about ninety minutes, so I got another sleep cycle in.

It’s funny that I slept better on a couch last night than I have in my own bed trying to take that damned sleep medicine. I’ve given up and I’ll just have to tell Peter I’ll just deal with the insomnia or something.

I finished reading The Snow Gypsy this evening. I didn’t realize I was so close to being done with it! I would have read more last night or something. The review is already posted. It’s hard to review that particular book without giving away the ending.

We had pizza tonight, Fen and I. I got tomato and bacon and they got spinach and bacon. It was a two hour wait for the food, but the store is around the corner. So Fen just drove down and picked it up.

I got a game for Bill6 for his birthday. I hope he likes it when he gets a chance to play it. Its called “Arkham Horror: Final Hour”. J says I should give Lovecraft a read. I may check something out from the Library. It would absolutely help me get some of Bill6’s jokes a bit better.

Blustery day, driving back; I had the windows down and when I stopped for gas, I was just glad I keep a hairbrush in the car because my head looked bananas.

Mentally… I’m not sure where I am. I’m going through the motions of being a functional person but I feel extremely… hollow. I’m not bad. I’m not great either. But this may be an emotional blank put in self defense. Time will tell.

Anyway, I’m going to try and read for a little bit, or just knock out for the night.

Take your meds, folks.

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