Of Hobbies and Home

13,062 Days Alive

2 Necklaces Made

1 Bowl of Ramen Eaten

I got to see Sparrow today! Fen and I met up with them for lunch with their significant other, Patrick. We went to the ramen house just down the street that is very COVID-precaution compliant.

I gave them the little gift I got for them on the trip out with Fen earlier this weekend. Sparrow seemed to like it, and they had the most awesome yarn and washi tape to gift me in return! I think I’ll make a hat from the yarn they gave me! It’s fiery colors and I think it will work up beautifully. The washi tape is flower themed and one of them is individual flower petals! I think it’s so cool.

I finally got to give Patrick back the looked over chapter he sent me. I feel so bad because he sent it ages ago and then I didn’t see Sparrow for a bit and, while it was visible, it fell off the priority list until recently. But he’s a good writer and I see a lot of potentially interesting things that could come from his story.

After lunch we all went back to our place and just hung out for a while. It was nice to socialize without having to worry about anyone getting sick.

I made a pair of necklaces tonight. I’ve not done beading in quite a long time, so it was nice to spend time with Fen doing a craft together.

Image is of a black beaded necklace with various sized black beads, silver pentacles, and a crystal point pendant. A pair of coordinating earrings of black beads is in the middle.

I’m trying hard to set actual boundaries in my life, but it seems that, despite that, people aren’t inclined to respect them. Which is very frustrating for me. But I’m also not surprised.

It’s late. And I have work tomorrow. I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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