Of Tarot and Trepidation

13,074 Days Alive

5 Tarot Cards Pulled

I joined the two squares of Baby Alice’s blanket tonight! I decided against making it larger than lapghan sized.

I only have about a week to finish the blanket, though, so I’ll be crocheting in all my down time.

I fiddled with my Botanica Tarot this evening. Pulled five cards.

Image is of five black tarot cards with plants depicted on them. The Tower, the 2 of Coins, the 4 of Coins, the 4 of Cups, and the 5 of Cups.

I asked my cards what to expect in coming days. The first card was the Blue Water Lily, the 2 of Coins. It represents balance, harmony despite change. It also may represent a messenger or good news. This is what I’m hoping for. The second card is the 4 of Coins, Honeysuckle; clinging to nostalgia or immobility. I feel stuck where I am now. Then the Pitcher Plant, the 4 of Cups which means opportunities are abundant but one may need to focus inward before making any decisions. This is wise, as I have been known to rush into things before. Quiet contemplation may be the key to success. Resolution card was a little unclear, I think. It was the 5 of Cups, Lily of the valley; a break from dependency on others. One self needs to be enough. Maybe I need to rely on my own merit? And finally, the only Major Archana I pulled this reading, I asked if there was something I should know. And I pulled the goddamn Tower. I’m reading it as the breaking of a cycle and drastic change.

Actually, there’s change on the wind. I suspect that before the full moon, things will be very different than they are now. Sorry to be cryptic but that’s all I will say on the matter at this time.

I’m exhausted and it’s almost eleven. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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