Of Scary Things and Suits

13,075 Days Alive

I bought a burgundy power suit today. For only $34, plus shipping.

I also did a scary thing that ended up with me having a mild panic attack at work. Thankfully, I had my meds with me this time and was able to calm down after a grounding session.

But yeah, cute suit. I hope to buy a few cute dresses, too.

Mentally, I’m anxious but awesome? Like, really positive. And I get to see Reffie this weekend!!

I also may have a dinner date with a person named Robert after he gets his second COVID vaccine in early May. So that’s interesting and completely unexpected.

For now, I go to bed. I swear I will stop being cryptic in a few days. Just gotta let the metaphorical rune stones fall before I say something.

Take your meds, folks.

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