Of Mistakes and Margaritas

13,076 Days Alive

4 Slices of Supreme Pizza Eaten

1.5 Margaritas Consumed

Man, today was one for the books. A lot went wrong at work. No power outages, but we found some issues that were super screwed up. Just… I’m glad my day is over.

I talked to my grandmother today. She’s doing well, a little lonely since Grandpa’s passing in 2019, but doing well enough. I hope to go down and spend a weekend with her here soon.

I’m nowhere near done on Baby Alice’s blanket. And I haven’t even started whatever stuffy I’m making her. Oy vey. I’ll be crocheting like a demon all week!

Speaking of spending time, it’s about twelve hours till I get to see my darling Reffie! We’re going to brunch at a place called Kiki’s. I’ve never been before. Or if I have, I don’t recall it.

I am tired. I know drinking myself to sleep on anti-depressants, and in general, is a bad idea but man does it have some appeal. Especially since the sleep med I was prescribed doesn’t do jack.

I’m super anxious about my new super vague thing that I hope will happen. Maybe I’ll hear back on Monday? One can hope.

Anyway, I’m up early tomorrow so I’m going to head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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